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Discover the story of Angelico: Made in Italy excellence from Italian tailoring tradition to design innovation. Discover the values and philosophy that animate the brand.

Lanificio Angelico was founded in 1959, in the heart of Italian textile production.
. In just a few years, from being an artisan weaving mill, Angelico has transformed itself into one of the most important industrial realities representing the prestigious Biella textile scene in the world.

The experience of the company’s founders, combined with the innovative style of new generations, has defined Angelico’s current competitive positioning: a company in the forefront in producing quality fabrics and a clothing line in step with the evolution of fashion.

Adventure travels around the world in search of aesthetics and style, the fusion of tradition and trend, the balance between elegance and functionality, led to the creation of a collection based on the "utility" concept for business and leisure.
Clean, simple lines enhanced by carefully designed details.

Colors are always defined but never exaggerated, giving them a unique identity. Angelico's vision is always inspired by the beauty of things experienced, with a story to tell and the ability to convey a vision of the world around the company.

Passion is poured into every thread turned into fabric by Angelico.

Elegance is the result of a style that considers contemporary taste combined with an excellent workmanship.
Angelico has made this lesson its own in its long history, where each fabric is itself the result of these unique characteristics.
Experience is passionately poured into every garment created by Angelico.

Angelico – quality, style and elegance are our DNA.


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Products made from the finest Italian fabrics.


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